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Trump University Students Claim Coercion, Lawyer Responds


We recently covered how former Trump University students filed a lawsuit, claiming to have been duped into investing $35k in classes that would benefit their real estate careers. 

Now former students are claiming they were pressured “to offer favorable reviews” in order to receive graduation certificates, the New York Times reports., a website created to defend the university, published 10,000 reviews from students, revealing a 98% satisfactory rate (hence the name).

"Folks were not coerced," The Donald's attorney, Daniel M. Petrocelli, says, adding that forging 10,000 reviews is “completely implausible.” 

For what it's worth, The Donald says he not only plans to fight the suits, but bring the university back and leave for his children to run—should he be elected president.

The jury is still out. [NYT]