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SURVEY: Understanding The LGBTQIA+ Community In Commercial Real Estate


There is little to no data available about sexual orientation in the commercial real estate industry. Bisnow, in consultation with LGREG, the Lesbian and Gay Real Estate Group, is seeking to remedy that, launching a survey that aims to shed light on who makes up the LGBTQIA+ community in commercial real estate, a notoriously difficult group to research.

Jeff Berger, the founder of the National Association of Gay & Lesbian Real Estate Professionals, told Bisnow in 2017 that his organization once attempted to collect data through the National Association of Realtors, but stopped after a focus group complained about the question.

“I sometimes think commercial real estate and professional sports are the last bastions of homophobia in America,” Chris Fraley, a co-founder of LGREG, said at the time. 

LGREG and NAGLREP are just two groups that serve to connect and advance queer real estate professionals. A new group, the Real Estate Pride Council, launched in June with dozens of members and an initial focus in New York City.

So while acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ community appears to be on the rise — as are Americans who identify as part of it — no one truly knows what proportion is out at their real estate jobs, or has experienced discrimination. We can't be sure if those who are out are higher earners, or more likely to live in California or New York. 

In the survey below — which is open to everyone in the industry, regardless of sexual orientation — we are hoping to learn about not just identity, but also about respondents' experience, place in CRE and key demographic information. The form is completely anonymous. You can also submit your answers here.

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