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This App Runs Your Money Like a Hedge Fund Manager


The key to making money in the stock market is being a good copycat. That's why there are so many services to help investors mimic gurus like Warren Buffett and Bill Ackman.

iBillionaire Capital has taken it to the next level, with a mobile app that will follow a prominent billionaire investor of your choice, and make orders for you at a real third-party brokerage. This puts investing in the hands of the average Joe (or Jill), since top hedge funds are expensive and usually closed to investors who don't have at least a seven-figure net worth and a well-connected adviser.

You can get started on iBillionaire with your iPhone or iPad and as little as $100. The app charges a flat 0.9% annual management fee, which includes four quarterly rebalancings per year. Its slogan: invest like the 1% for less than 1%.

Of course, iBillionaire, like any other guru-following service, is not 100% accurate. [Forbes]