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SPECIAL REPORT: How Prepared is Your City for a Zombie Apocalypse?


We interrupt our regular coverage for an important report. While Halloween is a fun holiday with candy, costumes, and parties, it's imperative that we remain mindful of a very real threat: a Zombie Apocalypse. We don't know when it will come. We don't know how it will come. But we do know that it will come. And just as it's important to know whether or not your home is in the flood plain, it's equally important for you to be aware of how equipped your city is to handle the onslaught of the undead.

CareerBuilder and EMSI have taken it upon themselves to rank 53 of the largest US cities according to Zombie Apocalypse preparedness. Cities were evaluated in four different categories: defense, ability to contain the highly contagious orally transmitted virus, potential for finding a cure, and food supply.

Boston, MA is the city most likely to survive, followed by Salt Lake City, UT; Columbus, OH; Baltimore, MD; and Virginia Beach, VA. Virginia Beach ranked highest in the category of defense, thanks to a strong naval presence, while Denver, CO is likely to have success quarantining the virus thanks to a lower population, which would curb the spread of infection, and a large number of residents with an engineering or construction background, who can work together to contain the virus. Boston's biomedical research and development earned it the highest ranking for finding a cure. And Grand Rapids, MI, home to some of the nation's largest food manufacturers, is most likely to sustain its residents until the epidemic subsides.

Shockingly, the city least likely to survive the walking dead was New York City. We hope you have a safe Halloween, and that you're prepared in the event a mob of decaying corpses approaches. If reporting this can help save one person, we've done our job.

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