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Should HR Team Up With Real Estate To Deliver Better Workplaces?


In the past, real estate and human resources have functioned as two distinct departments in the workplace. But now, these two groups are becoming increasingly collaborative when it comes to selecting and maintaining an ideal workplace.


Talent attraction and recruitment are essential to many companies, which is why businesses have increasingly paired HR and real estate teams when searching for facilities that address staff needs, JLL reports.

JLL research found that employees are more likely to develop positive relationships with their co-workers and complete their work in an efficient, engaged manner when they are provided with an environment that caters to their health and well-being.

Facebook is one example of a company that worked with both HR and real estate teams to deliver such facilities, and companies including ConocoPhillips, Qualcomm and Chevron are already beginning the process of merging the two fields in an effort to improve their overall offering, JLL reports.

While HR can support real estate in cases where the team may need help convincing a board that a company requires facilities to benefit staff on an emotional level, real estate can aid HR teams from an efficiency standpoint when they require assistance reworking an office space in order to engage workers. 

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