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Arch-Con, Midway & Gensler Come Together To Help Raise Millions For Charity


A team of cyclists from Houston and around the US will embark upon a 3,500-mile ride from coast to coast to raise money and awareness for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The campaign, known as PURSUIT, will raise $11M for The Center, a nonprofit that has been serving Houston for more than six decades.

Soon, organizers will unveil Mission Control, a repurposed high-tech activity room at The Center in Houston, where the public will be able to track the cyclists' progress, ride along on stationary bikes and get help sponsoring their own organized rides.  

Midway is spearheading the project, while Gensler handled design and Arch-Con built out Mission Control, which Midway CEO Jonathan Brinsden calls PURSUIT's "central nervous system."

David Baldwin, an energy executive who is leading PURSUIT, emphasized that it's about much more than a bike ride. “This is a journey in every sense of the word,” he said. “3,500 miles is a long trek, but it’s nothing compared to the challenges that this population faces every day.”

Back row: Arch-Con's Jonathan Russell, Midway's Trevor Janacek, Gensler's Ellyn Wulfe, Arch-Con's Brad Jameson and Michael Scheurich, Midway's Jonathan Brinsden, PURSUIT's David Baldwin and Gensler's Kristopher Stuart

Front Row: The Center CEO Eva Aguirre

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