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Global Investors Bypass Gateway Cities For Better Returns

Global investors continue to turn to U.S. real estate for safety, but a shift in market focus is beginning to take shape.

Global Investors Bypass Gateway Cities For Better Returns
The Nashville skyline

Concerns about Brexit, the future of the European Union and the Chinese economy keep investors flocking to the U.S. for stability, but high prices in core markets are causing foreign buyers to look for better returns elsewhere. Gateway cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Miami are becoming overheated, and investors have begun to look at other markets, like Denver, Phoenix and Nashville, as more viable options due to their healthy economies and the strength of the energy and manufacturing sectors, Business Insider reports. In addition to this, the cost of doing business is significantly cheaper in some of these markets. 

During an interview with Bisnow in April, Madison Marquette Chief Operating Officer and Senior Managing Director of Investments Peter Jun said that while major urban gateway markets would continue to attract foreign investment, secondary markets with high-quality assets would also emerge as contenders for foreign investment capital.

Even with a shift to second- and third-tier markets, the investments are positive for the U.S.

Additional capital in local markets can create construction jobs, add new space for companies and free up capital for sellers of existing assets in order to allow them to put it into other investments. The downside is that it could lead to price inflation in markets that are currently affordable. 

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