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Neighborhood 5 Step Program

  • “Continue” neighborhoods, don’t just change them. Some see developers as the enemy of artists and small businesses. That's not the case with the Goldmans, who want to keep Wynwood's creative spirit intact not only with Wynwood Walls and nearby galleries, but also indie restaurants and tenants like Zak the Baker over, say, Panera Bread.
  • Bring in the chefs. Jessica said that restaurants are crucial to any neighborhood's revitalization and maybe the most dependable way to bring in foot traffic. Her brother, Joey, owns and lent his name to Joey's, which brought new people to Wynwood. (She compared the first restaurant in an under-the-radar neighborhood to that first bold soul who jumps into a cold pool.) The company followed that up with Wynwood Kitchen & Bar, demonstrating the Goldman maxim that "restaurants feed people and those people feed the neighborhood."
  • Find the essence. Wynwood's graffiti immediately jumped out at the Goldmans as they first scoped out the neighborhood. That could have been considered a blight. Instead it became a catalyst for Wynwood Walls and, by extension, a magnet for the trendsetting creative class that put the neighborhood on the map.

  • Curate . Intermix > Gap . Beside, she says, "You can find the Gap anywhere."


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