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Telemedicine Specialist Expands Offerings, Moves To Franklin

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Telehealth services provider WeCounsel has moved its HQ from Chattanooga to Franklin, where the company is rebranding as VisuWell, and planning to expand. VisuWell is keeping its information technology operations in Chattanooga.

Since its founding seven years ago, the company has worked primarily with behavioral healthcare providers, but it is branching out to include hospitals, specialty practices and insurance companies.

VisuWell technology enables any provider group or hospital to add virtual patient encounters to its care delivery model. 

VisuWell will serve provider networks to bring on-demand capabilities to the areas of specialty referral, emergency department consults and remote patient monitoring.

"New reimbursement models and care quality initiatives are driving the need for more frequent patient interaction," VisuWell CEO Sam Johnson said.

"As we see telemedicine volume increasing by almost 100% per year, our  platform will allow provider groups to meet rising demand and enable modern care delivery under their own brand," Johnson said.

For example, MedOptions, a virtual care provider that serves the long-term care community, uses the VisuWell platform to deliver care across 22 states in more than 100 facilities.

Previously, Johnson founded Relatient, which partnered with Uber to provide non-emergency transportation for patients to and from doctor visits.