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Manchester Contractor Crisis Deepens


Manchester's construction crisis has deepened as yet another contractor faces collapse.

The dilemma facing developers is dramatised at X1's 191-unit Landmark residential scheme, Salford.

The scheme's Bolton-based contractor Forrest went into administration in December 2018 to be replaced by Trilandium. Now Trilandium itself faces trouble as the renamed business Manchester Dev One announces that payment issues mean it is seeking liquidation.

It is the latest in a series of north west contractors to face problems. In December 2019 Bardsley Construction fell into administration. Other contractor collapses over the last five months include Pochins and Worthington.

Far East Consortium is one of a handful of developers that has responded by forming its own construction business. 

Fewer contractors are willing to take on residential projects for fear of unbalancing their portfolio, whilst others have increased their pricing.