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Google’s Superfast Google Fiber Internet Network May Be Coming to LA


The new corporate umbrella for Google’s collection of companies, Alphabet Inc is exploring the possibility of adding its super-fast Internet service, Google Fiber, to LA.

LA would be the largest city so far to get a Google Fiber network (see map of current and proposed Google Fiber cities), which provides 1 GB service that downloads data about 40 times faster than any IPS service typically available and uploads 100 times quicker. This announcement came just a day after AT&T announced it's expanding an equivalent super-fast broadband service into 38 additional cities, which includes parts of LA.

LA City fathers have been pressing ISPs to upgrade Internet speeds comparable to Tokyo and Seoul, which are urban leaders in connectivity, and recently called for bids to introduce gigabit Internet access, offering up to $1B in incentives, which includes expedited permitting and a guarantee LA would become a customer, according to the LA Times.

Currently Google Fiber is only available in Kansas City, MO; Provo, UT; and Austin, TX, but will soon be rolled out in Salt Lake City; Atlanta; San Antonio; Nashville; and Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham, NC. Google’s ultimate goal is to build a network of hyperconnected urban centers to support the Internet of Things. [LAT