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Why You Need to Guard Your Glass


The world has always been a dangerous place, and the last few years have shown us just how dangerous it can be. Property owners and landlords need to think of every way they can make their tenants feel safe and secure. You may have top-of-the-line access controls and HD cameras, for example, but what about your windows

Windows and glass doors are the weakest part of any building and the risk of personal injury from natural and manmade disasters can’t be overlooked. In fact, a Unified Crime Report from the FBI has stated that 70% of all burglaries involved forced entry through a window or door, and Bisnow partner Campbell Window Film founder Brad Campbell says that, in a bomb blast, more people die from shattered glass shrapnel than the explosion itself or building collapse. 

“It is the No. 1 cause of injury and death,” he tells Bisnow. “In fact, terrorists will often detonate a small charge outside and draw everyone to the windows to see what’s going on, and then detonate a larger charge once they have everyone in front of the glass. It’s a tactic that’s been around since the 1980s to maximize kill on a blast.”

That’s why many popular gathering places with a lot of glass are implementing strict security measures to fortify these glass exteriors. Brad has been installing bomb and break-in resistant window films for years on government buildings, retailers and other commercial buildings, and says these security films have become the company’s fastest-growing vertical in the last few years.

“This issue is at the top of everyone’s mind right now,” he says.

And, from the things he’s seen with clients, it makes sense. Not only has he had to deal with retailers who’ve had entire storefronts demolished by teams of thieves with sledgehammers, but he has also had to deal with high-risk properties like refineries and pharmaceutical plants, where blast dangers are ever present.  

The films are made with layers of polyester film bonded by special adhesives and are installed on the interior surface, making them not only invisible but also a strong reinforcement for the glass, deterring thieves and holding the glass safely in place upon impact. In fact, the film is so strong that they are able to provide some of the highest levels of glass security, according to US General Service Administration standards. The company also has a team of blast and ballistic specialists who are constantly testing new films and can even provide a property survey and cost analysis to help you learn just how well you can protect your building.

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