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Bank Site Makes Way for Seniors

So many folks wanted to get Ramona Park into the Guinness Book for the most people holding a ribbon at a grand opening ceremony, there wasn't enough ribbon for the fellow on the left. The affordable seniors apartment community just opened in Long Beach. The project was developed by DL Horn & Associates in association with WCH Affordable IV and PC Long Beach Developers. Irvine-based WNC, a national investor in real estate and community renewal projects, provided $6.9M in low-income housing tax credit equity.

A vacant former bank property was demolished to make way for Ramona Park. According to WNC COO Michael Gaber, the creative reuse of the site was a collaborative effort involving input from the neighborhood and city planners. Located at 3290 E Artesia Blvd, the three-story building contains 60 units with the ground floor serving as a parking garage.