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5 Burger Chains We Need in LA

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LA has some of the best burger joints. And while we're grateful for In-N-Out, there's always room for improvement. Here are some top spots we need on the Best Coast.


White Castle

Even before Harold & Kumar made these tiny burgers on Hawaiian rolls famous, they had a cult following in the Midwest and on the East Coast. You can pick up some frozen White Castle burgers at some grocery stores, but it isn't the same as hitting up a stand at 2am and ordering 16 burgers. All for yourself. 



Hardee's is owned by the people that bring you Carl's Jr., but with a Southern twist. The chain is actually one of the largest in the country, but hasn't made it west of Montana. Top items include the half-pound Texas Thickburger, which has smoked brisket and barbecue sauce, and the Bacon Ranch fries. Don't check out the nutrition facts online. You may never be the same.


Bobby's Burger Palace

Developed by Food Network star Bobby Flay, Bobby's Burger Palace has some original offerings, including the Crunchburger. Yup, chips on the burger. The chain offers other unique burger creations, including the New Mexico with queso sauce, roasted green chiles and pickled red onions. There's even an LA burger. Alas, no California locations. 


Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday is similar to basic American casual dining spots like TGI Fridays or Chili's. The chain offers chicken, pasta, steak and all the expected fare. The real catch may be the pretzel burgers. Yup, burgers served on a bun that looks equal parts pretzel and croissant. Closest Ruby Tuesday is in Vegas. Road trip?  


Shake Shack

Shake Shack is expanding like our waistline, but not fast enough. The New York chain started humbly as a food cart inside Madison Square Park, but is now in 9 states and even has some restaurants overseas. All burgers are made with Angus beef and the chain is famous for its shakes, if the name didn't give that away.