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A Hotel-On-Wheels Drives Sleeping Passengers Between LA, San Francisco

Cabin passengers

For those interested in traveling between San Francisco and Los Angeles without the hassle of the drive or the airport, a new sleeper bus with the accommodations of a pod hotel may be the answer.

Cabin, a new hospitality transportation company, has introduced buses that run between LA and San Francisco.

It bills the buses as moving hotels, offering passengers a lounge, WiFi and sleeping pods with the same pressed sheets as at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, the Washington Post reports.

The Silicon Valley company began offering the trips last month. Buses drive a longer, slower route so passengers can get a full eight hours sleep from the 11 p.m. departure until the 7 a.m. arrival.

It initially started a pilot program last year called Sleep Bus and had a waitlist with 20,000 names and tickets that sold out in three days.

With two 24-passenger buses, Cabin is charging around $115 one way in either direction, depending on the dates of travel.

The company has plans to expand to the East Coast in the future.

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