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‘Hospital Patients Are Getting Sicker And Sicker’: CommonSpirit’s Jeff Land At Bisnow's Healthcare West

The most pressing questions in healthcare real estate will be discussed at Bisnow’s National Healthcare West event June 20. Speakers will weigh in on topics like the industry’s big-name mergers and acquisitions, the future of ambulatory care, telehealth and MOBs and where the need for technology is most crucial. Register here for the event.

CommonSpirit Senior Vice President of Corporate Real Estate Jeff Land

For over two decades, Jeff Land called the shots for where Dignity Health invested in facilities. This year, his job just got a lot harder. In February, Dignity and Catholic Health Initiatives, known as CHI, merged to become CommonSpirit Health, forming a new, $29B healthcare system.

Overseeing more than 700 care sites in 21 states, Land is in the driver’s seat as the healthcare industry overhauls where and how it serves its patients. If Land is right, the industry will be seeing a lot more specialized hospitals and fewer medical office buildings. Consumers, meanwhile, will probably start seeing satellite healthcare spaces nearer to their homes, not to mention doctors and nurses who can check their health through an app.

Land gave Bisnow a sneak peek of what he will be talking about at our National Healthcare West event.

Name: CommonSpirit Health Senior Vice President of Corporate Real Estate Jeff Land
City: San Francisco
Years in the industry: 35 

Bisnow: Why is Bisnow's Healthcare West event June 20 important to you, and what are you planning on speaking about?

Land: The most pressing needs of our industry come down to serving a larger population more cost-effectively and under more restricted reimbursements. It’s the classic problem of how to do more with less. 

Bisnow: How would you describe what you do for CommonSpirit?

Land: We understand that the built environment influences the outcomes in healthcare. I’m responsible for leveraging the built environment to deliver better outcomes. 

Bisnow: In your opinion, what is the most pressing issue affecting commercial real estate in healthcare?

Land: We’re looking at a paradigm shift in where healthcare is actually being performed. Acute care is moving outside the walls of a hospital, into ambulatory surgery centers and imaging centers. Healthcare is also coming to patients’ homes, with in-home care, telehealth and remote monitoring. 

As a result, hospitals themselves are seeing patients that are sicker and sicker, while medical office buildings are becoming less useful. The balance of where healthcare systems spend their money has become far more complex.

Bisnow: Outside of your work, what are you most passionate about?

Land: Fishing. I’m taking a trip up to Alaska this summer.

Bisnow: If someone reading this wants to do business with you or your company, what's the best way they can reach you?

Land: Send me an email at

Jeff Land will be speaking on the Design & Construction panel at Bisnow’s National Healthcare West event June 20.