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5 Socially Impactful Los Angeles Developments

Parker Brown Construction Services has been as busy as ever maintaining its commitment to serve its community’s medical, health and technology needs. The following are the top 5 buildings the Los Angeles-based full services construction firm has in the works, all aimed at making SoCal a better place to live, work and play.

1. Skid Row Sobriety Center


At 9,500 SF, the center is a moderate-sized job crafted to serve a high-need population in the heart of the second-largest metropolitan area in the United States. Opening this spring, the 24/7, 50-bed center is partnering with Exodus Recovery Inc. to offer assistance, treatment and counseling to individuals struggling with alcoholism in Los Angeles’s infamous Skid Row.

“Parker Brown is a company that really places its business where its heart is,” Parker Brown founder John Parker said. “It’s a project that’s going to do a lot of good for a neighborhood with one of the largest concentrated homeless populations in the country.”

2. LA County Department of Mental Health Remodeling

Los Angeles skyline in front of San Gabriel mountains

Parker Brown recently completed a 33k SF tenant improvement job in Covina for the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health. The $2.2M remodeling qualifies as a complete tenant improvement job, complete with internal upgrades for the office space, totally renovated restrooms and the all-around improvement of basic conditions. While the project is technically a remodeling job, the renovation will ensure the Covina building complies with Title 24 (California's Building Energy Efficiency Standards).

3. UCLA Health System


Recently, Bisnow covered a renovation project by Parker Brown for UCLA’s Health System. The construction services firm is performing a four-project renovation for the university’s Health System. The group expanded rapidly under the Affordable Care Act, with myriad buildings for specialty clinics underway across all of Southern California.

Parker Brown’s established relationship with one of the West Coast’s most revered scientific institutions has resulted in more than 15 of these jobs, with the largest of these a 25k SF headquarters remodeling project in Thousand Oaks.

4. Continental Advanced Lidar Solutions


Driverless cars seem to be the next step in transportation technology. Parker Brown is building Continental’s newest 18k SF testing facilities for driverless cars, complete with 4k SF of sterile rooms and laboratories. The company is also constructing an expansive mezzanine, in which the lab will work with Lidar — a detection-and-sensor system that operates like radar but utilizes laser light. The vast majority of the project consists of a parking garage for employees and visitors, as well as office spaces and conference rooms.

5. Los Angeles Natural History Museum


Los Angeles’s Natural History Museum is receiving an upgrade through Parker Brown’s 8k SF, ground-up structure near the Los Angeles Coliseum for L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas. The $1.7M education and community center adjacent to the museum will overlook the Coliseum and space shuttle. The aim is to have the building ready to go by the end of this spring.

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