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Security Glass Is The Key To Total Prevention Of Commercial Building Theft


Business owners, campus police and security officials have traditionally had few options for property protection against vandals and thieves. Theft is a massive threat for homeowners and businesses in the United States, with burglary making up 20% of all property crimes and accounting for $14.3B in damages and losses ($800M of which is in retail).

Despite these numbers, commercial and residential clients often fail to think beyond standard alarm and camera systems, overlooking the threat posed by intruders and criminals willing to shatter glass and windows to enter the building.

Building managers are understandably hesitant to use scissor gates or window bars, as these options alter the building’s appearance and negatively impact the property’s reputation. These solutions often only work after hours, as they are disabled or pushed aside during the day. Windows become vulnerable to burglars, active shooters and criminals who can thwart access controls. The solution to maximizing a building’s security requires strengthening glass and window entrances.

A storefront protected from smashed entry by window film

Owners and managers for retail stores, schools, government facilities or office buildings should treat window films and screens as insurance that prevents negative financial and psychological impacts. It is the first line of defense against a burglary, riot or other attack.

Take a situation where burglars attempt to gain access and loot a retail space: The guilty parties attempt to break in through glass entrances, but are prevented from doing so by the window film’s strength — leaving all merchandise untouched and the store interior intact. While an attempted break-in scare may still be distressing for employees and patrons, it is significantly less traumatizing if the store is vandalized, but merchandise and revenue is not lost.


Window framing and security technologies are specifically designed to hold against bomb blasts and active shooters and stop burglars from entering the building by force. The Thermoplastic interlayer in Riot Glass security glass and framing systems is the secret behind the product’s strength. Invisible and undetectable, Riot Glass is available in multiple strength levels and thicknesses to be installed either over a building’s current windows or as a replacement glass.

The company performing the installation sends a surveyor to inspect the property and windows. The surveyor determines the scope of work required to secure the building and its contents in line with the manager’s specific concerns. The client then receives a quote for the best price and protection level, supporting literature, case studies and references before making a final decision.

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