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AIG Global Real Estate's Douglas Tymins Talks Housing Affordability Ahead Of BMAC West

AIG GRE CEO Douglas Tymins

The biggest names in multifamily real estate will meet to discuss the state of the industry on the West Coast at Bisnow’s Multifamily Annual Conference on July 17. Speakers will address buying and selling in Southern California, tips for building a brand in a booming multifamily market and the future of the industry as job and residential growth continues. Register here for the event. 

Housing affordability is a major concern in nearly every U.S. market, and few people understand the importance of this issue better than Douglas Tymins. 

As president and CEO of AIG Global Real Estate, Tymins oversees more than $20B in assets, including multifamily developments, value-add multifamily properties and residential condominiums. Tymins works to stay on top of major issues impacting the multifamily industry, both in and out of the office.  

“I am passionate about the housing affordability issues we are dealing with in this country,” Tymins said. “Along with my work with AIG GRE, I am active in a number of local and regional organizations that are attempting to deal with the challenges we are seeing across the country regarding both housing and education.”

Tymins gave Bisnow a sneak peek of what he will be discussing at Bisnow’s Multifamily Annual Conference on July 17.

Name: AIG Global Real Estate President and CEO Douglas Tymins  

City: Phoenix

Years in the industry: 34

Bisnow: Why is the upcoming Bisnow Multifamily Annual Conference so important to you and what will you be talking about?

Tymins: At AIG, we are constantly monitoring the markets we invest in and are very active in the Western U.S.    

It’s important for us to be proactive in understanding the opportunities and the challenges in each market we invest in and to stay in close contact with our operating partners. 

Bisnow: What is the best way to describe what you do for AIG?

Tymins: I oversee a team of more than 120 professionals who source, structure and manage investments on behalf of our insurance company clients. The GRE team works diligently with our operating partners to execute various real estate investment and development strategies throughout the U.S. and Europe.   

Bisnow: In your opinion, what is the most pressing issue affecting commercial real estate in the U.S.?

Tymins: I believe that the most pressing issue impacting commercial real estate is housing affordability. It’s important for senior members of our industry to be consistently working together to come up with proactive solutions to these concerns. 

Bisnow: Outside of your work, what are you most passionate about?

Tymins: Outside of work, I enjoy spending quality time with my family, traveling and cycling with friends. Also, as I mentioned earlier, I’m passionate about my work with local housing and education-based entities.

Douglas Tymins will be speaking at Bisnow’s Multifamily Annual Conference on July 17.  Register here for the event.