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Stephanie Silvers Partner, Pircher Nichols & Meeks

Los Angeles

Not many people get to say that they were involved in the refinancing of one of the world’s most famous golf courses. But Stephanie Silvers was on the team behind the $125M mortgage and mezz deal of PGA National, among many of the financings, acquisitions and dispositions she’s completed recently (including the refi of Chicago’s Four Seasons hotel and the Sofitel Los Angeles). Other hometown deals she’s worked on include the financing of the SunAmerica and MGM Buildings. Her career started in a law firm that wasn’t departmental, except for real estate. She wanted a solid idea of what she was working on, so she asked Leo Pircher (then a partner at that firm) if she could join—and he warned her it was a tough road for a woman. “I said I’d rather try and not take the easy way out.” Her first deal was in Texas and her clients were thrilled. “He was surprised because I was a woman, not because I was 25,” she laughs. She then joined Pircher Nichols in ’86 after Leo left to launch his own practice. Advice: Don’t give up or adopt a persona just because you’re a woman. Stephanie is the proud mother of two daughters and says you can balance being a great mother and a businesswoman. She’s also involved with animal rescue Rescue Train and loves to travel.