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Last Night In Bel Air

Los Angeles
Last Night In Bel Air


TheBel Air Bar & Grillon Sepulveda at Moraga is back, and therefore so are Allen Matkins senior partnerTony Natsisand wifeDemetra, whom we snappedlast nightoutside. The144-seatneighborhood institution, opened in1999(although other restaurants have stood there since the '50s), was closed for major renovation over18 monthsuntil last November. Tony and Demetra calculate theyve been coming aboutonce a monthto the spot for the22 yearstheyve lived in Bel Air.


The owner remainsSusan Disney Lord, Roy Disneys niece, so maybe that accounts for themagical dcorthis is a full wall of glass at the entry. Tony has been doing so many real estate deals in red hotSan Franciscolately, we expect even these cool new digs seemed appealingly down-home.