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Weighing Office Trends And Capital Markets At Future Of SoCal

November has been a big month for capital markets with the culmination of the unpredictable presidential election.


Rosano Partners executive managing director​ Joe Elrady (second from left) said the market has been watching the reaction to the presidential election and perceived anti-trade policies, less regulation and lower taxation as a result.

Regarding interest rates, Joe said the Fed has been hawkish about December for awhile. The Fed is signaling inflation may be on the way.

He said we're nearing the end of the expansion of the economy given we're in around the 75th month and most expansions are much shorter.

There have only been five expansions longer than 60 months since 1870, according to Joe.

Mosaic Real Estate VP ​Sterling Johnson (far left) said it's hard to predict what's going to happen. However, he said his firm will adjust its pricing to interest rates.

iBorrow CEO Brian Good (second from right) moderated the Capital Markets and Global Investment panel at last week's Future of SoCal.

Westbay Capital manager of investment portfolio​ Edward Marek (above right and below left) said his firm is "very cautious."


The company looks at the borrower and assesses matters deal by deal.

Given that it's hard to predict what will happen, Edward said Westbay Capital is expecting the best but preparing for the worst.


When it comes to office trends, The Ratkovich Co EVP and COO​ Clare DeBriere (center) said companies are looking at how they can adapt traditional office space and use it in a different, nontraditional way.

Amenities and proximity to transportation are also factoring into office these days.

Retail Design Collaborative​ design director Jonathan Lopez (far left) said offices are not relying on a one-size-fits-all model anymore because there is more of a demand for specificity to create a distinction in the market.

Food is also a big component, he said.

LA Realty Partners CEO Gary Weiss (far right) was the moderator for the panel, which included Rising Realty Partners COO Tyson Struzenberg (second from left) and Howard Building Corp's Greg O'Connor (second from right).


Many companies are looking at their office space as a "recruiting tool," according to Rising Realty Partners COO Tyson Struzenberg (far left).

Howard Building's Greg O'Connor said open ceilings and big outdoor areas are selling points.

Communication is also key for a successful outcome when it comes to working on office projects, according to Greg.


Angelica Krupitsky from CyberCopy won last week's event giveaway of a $250 gift certificate to BOA Steakhouse.

The prize was presented by Dricrete president Tim Yeiser.