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PropTech Gets Chunky


Most PropTech solutions are virtual solutions: You cannot weight them or measure them. But a Manchester duo has launched Node — a solid PropTech solution that potentially measures three metres by 1.7 metres. 

Node could fix poor or expensive broadband and wireless connectivity. The hardware in the basement comes with a software platform and — another innovation in the world of PropTech — an actual person to help sort out problems on the premises.

The box is linked via superefficient dark fibre to the building's telecoms. It allows landlords and tenants to choose an internet service provider (with complete cost transparency) at the flick of a switch without waiting for weeks and without any disruption to the building. 

So far 15 buildings in Manchester are in the process of installing Node, including Allied London’s 400K SF No. 1 Spinningfields. That is where the three metre by 1.7 metre box is — since the Node size depends on the size of the building, most are smaller.

The PropTech business is also talking to occupiers in San Francisco and London.

Co-founder Doug Ward said it will shake up the ISP sector and revolutionise the property industry as Node-enabled buildings get high Wired Score certification (the latest won Platinum accreditation) and are a more attractive investment. 

“The internet providers like the ease of connecting simply to a box, not having to run cables up through risers to every floor. With U.K. internet connectivity the second worst in Europe, we think this is one of the quickest ways to disrupt the ISP industry,” Ward said.