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Crowdfunding Platform BrickVest Makes First Exit At 31% Return


BrickVest, the real estate investment crowdfunding platform, has announced that some of its investors have exited an investment for the first time, at a sizzling return.

European investors who invested in the BrickVest Fund Harvest 1 received a return of 31% in 18 months.

The real estate crowdfunding sector is very new, and exits from investments will be watched with interest by property companies and technology firms to see if the sector is viable. 

The BrickVest fund invested in a portfolio of 23 retail assets in a joint venture alongside Corestate Capital. BrickVest said that an exit from the investment was planned for the end of 2020 but Corestate paid a dividend on the portfolio in March of this year, allowing its investors to exit.

BrickVest was launched 18 months ago and is one of the highest-profile real estate crowdfunding platforms in Europe. This is in part due to investments by major real estate figures such as former Colony Northstar Head of Europe Jean-Romain Lhomme.

“This attractive absolute return was realised in the context of a controlled risk profile as the fund invested in a diversified and income-producing German retail portfolio with a cautious gearing level”, BrickVest Head of Ratings Remi Antonini said.