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The Last Big Holdout To Online Retail Finally Falls

Primark will trial the click-and-collect service in 25 stores.

Primark has announced plans to finally sell clothes online through a trial of its childrenswear range. 

In an overhaul of its sales policy that could impact its store and real estate plans, Primark will initially offer up to 2,000 items online via 25 stores in north west England.

Primark had until this announcement refrained from selling products online, which is at odds with other major retailers. 

Customers will have, on average, access to twice as many options as today, with customers of the smaller stores in the trial getting access to ranges normally only found in larger stores. The new service will also offer online-only products with around 40% of the items available exclusive via click and collect.

The click-and-collect range will focus on the latest trends, brand-new exclusive styles, expanded ranges from Primark’s license partners, larger items such as nursery products and multipacks of kids’ clothes. In addition, it offers the opportunity to have seasonal products, such as rainwear and beach and holiday wear, available throughout the year.

“The click-and-collect trial is a milestone for our business and builds on the investments we’ve made over the last two years in new technology and people to make this possible," Primark chief executive Paul Marchant said.

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