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Liverpool And Newcastle Top UK Cities For Fashion Spending


Newcastle and Birmingham spent more on fashion than all other UK cities—including London—in the last 12 months, averaging £304 and £313 per head, respectively, according to new research from Savills and intu. Shoppers in Bristol spent the least at just £184 per head.

The highest fashion spend came from Generation X (35 to 44 year olds) in Newcastle, which averaged £581 over the last 12 months. Liverpool’s Baby Boomers spent £507 per head on fashion over the same period.

Head of UK retail at Savills Sean Gillies said disposable income is the key to determining fashion spend. While younger consumers shopped most frequently across all cities, spending is perhaps more constrained in those cities where living costs are highest. For example, Generation Y shoppers (25 to 34 year olds) in London spent £357 compared to their generational counterparts in Glasgow and Edinburgh, who spent £436 and £413, respectively.

London has the strongest outlook for fashion spend in the future, with 41% of consumers reporting positive sentiment, while Liverpool reported the weakest sentiment with just 22% of shoppers expecting to increase their fashion spend over the next 12 months.