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The Many Faces Of Hybrid Work


Hybrid work is often described as one homogenous strategy. In reality, the term covers myriad different ways for companies and employees to decide how to allocate their time and energies. 

“Of the people we surveyed, 78% said they wanted flexibility about where they worked, but 95% said they wanted flexibility about when they work,” Future Forum's Sheela Subramanian said.

One of the big decisions companies and employees will be taking with relation to hybrid work is whether individuals get to choose when they come into the office or whether this is mandated by their employer. It may sound obvious, but there are pros and cons to both strategies that real estate owners need to be aware of. 

If you think your tenants will let staff choose the days they come into the office, click here.

If you think your tenants will mandate which days staff come in, click here.

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