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Survey: The Office Will Have To Change. What Do You Want It To Be?


It is pretty obvious what you want from your office right now: just to be there. The stressful commute, the wobbly chair, the annoying air conditioning/light levels/colleagues. You’d take them all just to get out of the house. 

While the problems thrown up by the coronavirus are huge, they do offer an opportunity: a chance to reset what the office can be. Things won’t change instantly, but they do not have to go back to the way they were before. We are all working differently now, and the way we work, the tasks we do, when we do them and the physical space in which we do them are all up in the air.

For that reason, as part of Bisnow’s Future of Work series, we want to know: How is the job you are doing changing, and what do you want from the office environment in which you do it? Please take the time to fill out our survey, and we will be reporting over the next month on how the world of work and the office are going to change.

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