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Here’s How London’s Biggest Occupiers See The Future Of Work

Schools are back, all lockdown restrictions are lifted and the talking is finally over. After 18 months of theoretical debate and false starts, the return to the office is finally here.

How London’s biggest corporate occupiers manage their workforce has huge implications for the office market of the UK capital. That's why Bisnow has compiled a handy list of the biggest tenants in the city with data from CoStar and Estates Gazette, contacted those companies to find out how they will be working in future, and supplemented entries with public statements and media reports.

Combined, the list offers a comprehensive view of how big tenants are thinking about the office in the post-pandemic world. Unsurprisingly, most are looking at a hybrid work model, albeit with varying degrees of flexibility. Some are allowing a proportion of staff to work at home forever and a couple are pushing hard for something close to a permanent return to the office. Their plans will, no doubt, change in the coming months and years. But this is what the future of work looks like in London right now.

September 6, 2021

Negotiations With Unions

The UK Civil Service +

60% Hybrid

Google +

Clarity: Three Days A Week

Deutsche Bank +

"Working From Home Is Not Sustainable"

Barclays +

Public Scepticism vs Hybrid Reality

JPMorgan +

The Man At The Top Likes Remote Work, So ...

Facebook +

The End Of The Executive Floor


What The Spies Are Up To

MI6 +

Back To The Office

Goldman Sachs +

The Antithesis Of Goldman

Credit Suisse +

Start When You Like

PwC +

Swiss Solidarity On Hybrid Work


Hybrid Without Prescription

Deloitte +

Hybrid Controversy

Apple +

Hybrid Policy Reviewed Next Year

Lloyds Bank +