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Huckletree West Pioneers First Digital Lifestyle Accelerator

MediaWorks at White City

Huckletree is curating a new shared workspace dedicated to digital lifestyle startups at the company’s Mediaworks facility in White City. Huckletree West will help shape and support the community with all the elements they need to collaborate, crowdsource advice and share both what they've learned and their successes. Membership applications are now open ahead of the launch in September 2017.

Formerly home to the BBC Media Centre, the Mediaworks building has long been an icon of creativity and culture. In the same spirit of innovation, Huckletree West is a pioneering hub for creative startups targeting business growth through tech innovation.

“The digital lifestyle movement is about hacking everyday life with creative intelligence to make it better, smarter and more intuitive. It’s about using a disruptive tech mindset to build the modern world exactly how we want it,” Huckletree said in a statement.

The co-working company has charted the emergence of the digital lifestyle startup among members at its Shoreditch and Clerkenwell spaces. Some of the companies to emerge from Huckletree’s space include Coconut, the radical business bank account making freelance life easier by working out taxes, tracking expenses and helping them get paid on time. Fixers has created the “world’s simplest travel checkout." And SoAmpli combines human and artificial intelligence to provide the best social content for sales teams to connect with quality leads.

Huckletree commissioned Studio RHE, the architectural practice behind the Shoreditch space, to create an inspiring environment to optimise members’ creativity and productivity.