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Canary Wharf Welcomes Pokémon Go Players With Map And Prizes

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Canary Wharf Pokémon Go Map

Canary Wharf Group has jumped into the Pokémon Go craze with both feet. Retailers started noticing office workers chasing Flareons, Haunters and Digletts in the malls and open spaces in the area. Now, the group that oversees the development of Canary Wharf has taken it to a pro level, publishing an official Pokémon map, and giving out real-life prizes for those who seek out Pikachu and friends. To win, users tweet screen grabs of their rare finds in Canary Wharf.

Canary Wharf Group managing director for retail Camille Waxer says that based on what retailers are telling her, Pokémon Go has serious potential to attract new audiences to the area. Businesses on the estate, particularly food and drink outlets, are seeing an increase in footfall. Camille says the game is an ingenious application of technology and the potential for developers and estate managers like Canary Wharf Group is enormous.