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Bye-Bye — Your Tenant Goes Fully Remote


The evidence would suggest this is a pretty unlikely scenario. 

“Some of our tenants have flexed, they may have got bigger or smaller, but none have said we never need an office again,” The Crown Estate's Workplace Customer Partnership Director Alex Kim said.

That isn’t to say it is impossible. According to Owl Labs, 16% of companies in its global survey are now fully remote. 

So, let's say your tenant decides that the pandemic-induced experiment in remote work has been a huge success. Productivity has been maintained and staff are happy. It decides not to renew its lease on your building, leaving you with a choice.

If you decide now is a good time to sell up, click here.

If you decide to try and re-lease the space to a new tenant or tenants, click here.

If you decide to knock the building down and completely redevelop a new office, click here.

If you decide to convert to another use, click here.

Don't like where you've ended up? Start over!