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London Launches World's First Smart Street

Oxford Circus

Bird Street will be the world’s first smart street: an oasis of technology, fashion, innovation and sustainability. New West End Co. and Transport for London’s Future Streets incubator scheme will launch the tech-friendly, traffic-free hub off Oxford Street in May 2017. The scheme will feature PaveGen technology, which generates electricity from pedestrian movement, and Airlite’s revolutionary air purifying paint. A curated collection of pioneering pop-ups, delivered in partnership with Appear Here, will further transform Bird Street with a revolving mix of cutting-edge fashion, technology and al fresco dining.

Last month at MIPIM, New West End Co. announced a multibillion-pound investment package over the next 18 months to transform London’s West End into "new" West End, in anticipation of the launch of the high-speed Elizabeth Line that is expected to bring big changes and major investment in retail, commercial property, infrastructure and public realm.

London’s West End is already the most prosperous environment for retail brands. About £8.8B of annual sales are produced in the 14 acres of core West End, a figure that is forecast to rise to over £11B by 2020.