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Residential Planning Applications Up 6% In 2016


The number of residential planning applications granted has increased by 6% compared to last year, according to the latest government data.

Data from the Department for Communities and Local Government shows planning authorities received 12,900 applications between June and September for residential developments, a 6% rise over the same period last year.

Decisions on those applications are coming faster as well. 85% of major applications were decided within their target time frame, which is 13 weeks. That’s up from 80% from a year earlier, according to Inside Housing.

Out of 10,900 applications, 9,000 were granted approval without needing to endure the full planning process, a 1% year-over-year increase. Previously, developers were permitted to convert offices to homes without going through the lengthy process of a full planning application. Over the last year, 36,000 new homes were approved through change of use of existing buildings.

In 2016, authorities considered 381,300 applications, up 4% from 2015. [IH]