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Survey: What Does The Future Hold For UK BTR?

The podium garden area at Canada Garden.

Participate in this survey and you could win a £100 Amazon gift card!

The build-to-rent sector is one of the fastest-growing areas of UK property — but as it matures, it faces some crucial questions.

How do investors and developers see the sector, and what would entice them to take the plunge and invest for the first time? Where are the best places to build, and where should be avoided?

For tenants, what are the must-have amenities, and what is just window dressing? What are the crucial elements that make people choose to rent in one building versus another?

Bisnow wants to know what you think about BTR, as part of a special report on the sector. Please take the time to fill out the following survey: We want to know what you think both on a business level, and as a consumer weighing up what is important when choosing somewhere to rent.

These are the questions that will define the sector for the foreseeable future.

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