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French Sanctions Block Russian Exhibitors From Attending Giant MIPIM Property Conference

Cannes in the south of France hosts the annual MIPIM event.

French government sanctions on the Russian Federation have blocked delegations and exhibitors from Russia from attending global property conference MIPIM, which is due to begin in two weeks.

In a statement, RX, which organises the annual property fair on the French Riviera, said that it is following government sanctions and that there would be no Russian pavilion at MIPIM this year. All Russian exhibitors have also been removed from the list of attendees at the event, which takes place between 15 March and 18 March. 

A spokesperson for MIPIM confirmed that one of the judges of the 2022 MIPIM awards, Chief Architect of Moscow City Sergey Kuznetsov, would also not be attending the event. 

“RX strongly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine," the company said in a statement. "RX stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, particularly with our employees around the world who have family and friends in Ukraine.

“We also stand in solidarity with our Russian employees working in challenging conditions. In a rapidly changing environment, RX is following government sanctions and policies in each territory where we operate. There is no Russian Pavilion at MIPIM.”

Russia has seen itself isolated in the face of worldwide condemnation of the invasion of Ukraine, which has now continued for five days.

European countries have closed their airspace to Russian aircraft and governments including the UK, U.S. Japan and the European Union have enacted sweeping sanctions on the country, including freezing assets held overseas by the Russian central bank.

Russia has also been banned from taking part in the FIFA World Cup and UEFA competitions for the foreseeable future after a number of nations, including the UK and Poland, refused to play the Russian team. Poland had been due to play Russia in a World Cup playoff match in the coming weeks.

A number of Russian delegates had been listed as attending Europe's largest property trade fair, including the Moscow City Government and the State Duma of the Russian Federation. It is unconfirmed whether Russian citizens can still attend as delegates.

A number of property professionals have spoken out against the Russia-Ukraine War. Karim Bohn, German-based Patrizia's chief financial officer, said he was "appalled" by the invasion.

"I am appalled by yesterday's invasion of Ukraine," he wrote in a LinkedIn post. "I never imagined war would return to Europe. War only brings destruction, misery and death — the antithesis of what we want to build for a better future.

"And this attack on Ukraine is an attack on our European order based on freedom, democracy and the values of openness and peaceful co-existence."

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