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Target's Turnaround Will Start Just Outside Of Houston


Target has been up against the ropes in recent months, but the retailer has a plan to fight back, and it starts in Richmond, Texas. Target's totally revamped store will feature two distinct shopping areas with their own entrances. One side will be somewhat like a department store while the other side will be for quick services and grab-and-go items. 

The department store portion, branded the "inspiration" side, will have a curved center aisle and branded displays. The redesign will have brighter lighting and a more open layout. The other part of the store, branded the "ease" side, is designed to get shoppers in and out quickly, and will sell groceries and beverages and handle customer service. Plans for the store also include a curbside delivery zone. The new concept will still feature Target staples CVS Pharmacy and Starbucks. 

If the concept is well-received, Target will roll out the redesign to hundreds of stores nationwide as part of its course correction after a dismal holiday sales season.

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