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Mayor Turner Takes Aim At White Oak Music Hall Outdoor Stage, Will Not Issue New Temporary Permit

White Oak Music Hall

In the last five months, White Oak Music Hall has had 69 loud noise complaints from nearby residents. While only one of those turned into an actual violation, Mayor Sylvester Turner stepped in, stating that the venue will not receive a new temporary permit for its outdoor stage. 

Venue owner Will Garwood had planned on taking down the temporary stage, re-erecting it and filing for a new six-month temporary permit. With the city's new stance, the shows scheduled on the outdoor stage after Oct. 5 are in jeopardy unless a permanent stage can be built. 

"No one is going to tear down a stage and come back and get a temporary permit," Mayor Turner said. "That's not happening. They need to work on a permanent permit and I expect them to take the steps to do that," he told the Houston Chronicle. 

The developer submitted plans for a permanent stage last week, but plans for the structure have already been shot down by the city for various reason on five separate occasions, according to city records. The outdoor stage is only part of the White Oak Music Hall facility, which also includes a new indoor venue with two stages and the Raven Tower. [Chron]