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Just in Time for Halloween, Check Out These Haunted Bars in Houston

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Looking for something a little different this Saturday night? Theses bars in and around the Houston area just might do the trick.

In the spirit of Halloween, Houston Press has compiled a list of the 10 Most Haunted Bars in Houston. Included on the list is Fitzgerald’s, the musical staple in the Heights. Musical acts have reported some strange happenings over the years, including power turning on and off by itself and objects moving on their own when no one is looking. Ministry Houston, an after-hours club that recently opened at 709 Franklin, also finds its way onto the list. The location has been home to various nightclubs through the years and has earned the haunted reputation through reports of mysterious, shadowy figures and icy-cold spots.

Prefer not to have your wits scared out of you while enjoying a night on the town? Houston’s growing brewery scene just may do the trick. The scene should only get better over the next few years with more than a dozen breweries in the planning stages. [HP]