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Cleanup Crews Working On Downtown's Biggest Blight

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801 Calhoun

Several different cleanup crews have been spotted working on 801 Calhoun, the vacant 30-story eyesore in Downtown Houston's skyline. A pair of crane trucks have been parked at the foot of the garage, and a swing-stage scaffold is hanging near the top of the podium, according to a Swamplot reader. Workers have been clearing debris out of the garage and pool. 

The cleanup crews are a sight for sore eyes and another sign that a 20-year problem may finally be solved. Partners of SFK Development, who have owned the former 600-room hotel for five years, met with city officials in July to discuss the building's future and the safety issues that have persisted. 

City officials required the owners to secure the property, remove all of the windows and broken glass, remove exterior graffiti and hire a 24-hour security guard for the building. All of the work was supposed to be completed within three weeks, but Downtown denizens know the block remained covered in broken glass. With cleanup crews actively working on the site, progress is being made. 

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