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Freedman's Town Foul-Up Draws Mayor's Ire From Mexico City

Houston Neighborhood

Mayor Turner may be busy in Mexico City, but he found time to express his displeasure via Twitter at the construction mistake in Freedman's Town. A city contractor disturbed a car-sized segment of the historic bricks that make up Andrews Street, which was built by freed slaves. Houston Public Works spokeswoman Alanna Reed told the Houston Chronicle the contractor was attempting to remove a concrete slab as part of ongoing sewer work. When the slab was moved with a backhoe, some of the bricks came up. 

It was thanks to the quick actions of Freedman's Town resident Gladys House-El that more bricks weren't damaged. When she saw what was happening, she began filming and demanded they stop work immediately. 

Taking to Twitter, Mayor Turner said "no one should have touched Andrew Street without my specific authorization" and called for the contractor to preserve "any and all bricks removed from Andrew Street." Mayor Turner said he will address the issue when he returns from Mexico City. 

In the meantime, Ben Hall, lawyer for the Freedmen's Town Preservation Coalition, said he would be seeking an injunction blocking the contractor from touching the bricks. [Chron]