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Halberdier Bulks Up Near Exxon

Houston Mixed-Use

A private LP formed by Halberdier Holdings closed today on the second phase of 7.3 acres at Pruitt and Budde. Owner Trey Halberdier tells us it's less than half a mile north of Exxon's campus and is fully entitled and ready for development, which is pretty unheard of these days. Trey says it's also just a couple hundred yards off of 45 and benefits from the Pruitt dedicated exit. (Plus, he's sandwiched between Exxon and The Woodlands—the best kind of sandwich.) 


Trey plans to develop large tiltwall office and/or multifamily on the site, although he's up for land sale or BTS opportunities. Trey's been on an emotional whirlwind lately—besides the exhilaration of closing this (and he tells us he'll have another announcement next week), his wife gave birth to his fourth baby on June 17. But all the joy is tempered by the loss of Trey's father, who suffered from Alzheimer's. In his memory, Trey's raising money for the disease.