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Texas High-Speed Rail Mentioned Ahead Of Weekend Of Japanese-American Negotiations

Houston Economy

On Friday, President Donald Trump welcomed Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe to the White House, and Texas' high-speed rail plans came up almost immediately during their first joint press conference. Among comments regarding economic partnership and joint defense were comments on the Japanese Shinkansen high-speed rail system proposed between Houston and Dallas, which Trump has said is on his infrastructure priority list.

"With President Trump taking on the leadership, I'm sure there will be major-scale infrastructure investments made, including the fast-speed train," Abe told the room of reporters. "Those of you who have rode on the Japanese Shinkansen, I'm sure you would appreciate the speed, the comfort and safety."


Abe sees the project as a collaboration between the countries as well as a domestic economic driver. "Japan, with our high level of technical capability, will be able to contribute to President Trump's growth strategy. There will be even more new jobs being born in the United States."

Trump was quiet about specifics, offering only a few brief remarks and then taking a few questions before heading to Florida, where the president said the two "will have a long and very successful talk, negotiations and a very, very productive weekend" at Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club.

UPDATE, FEB. 10, 6:26 P.M. CT: A previous version of the story included the Prime Minister's comments on maglev technology, which is not a component of the proposed rail in Texas.