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Tx DOT Earmarks $1.3B To Ease Traffic Congestion


The Texas Department of Transportation unveiled a $1.3B plan to address the traffic congestion along some of the state’s worst chokepoints, ultimately putting time and money back in Texas drivers’ pockets.  

The plan calls for 14 roadway projects designed to relieve gridlock around the state’s five biggest metros: Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin and Fort Worth.

Houston, being the absolute worst for traffic, will receive the lion’s share of cash:  $443.3M, which will go toward fixing the 59/610 interchange near the Galleria.  

The 180-mile Grand Parkway will receive funds to continue construction. When it’s finished, the total cost will be $4.7B. Austin will receive $158.6M for three different projects to ease traffic on I-35.

Plans are underway to ease the crazy-making congestion in the Texas Triangle’s other convergence points, from managed toll lanes and rail lines, to road widening and improved traffic signals.

According to a new report by CBRE, by the year 2040, the state's expected to have 18 million more vehicles on the road and the majority of those newcomers will fall within the boundaries of the Texas Triangle. More alternative means of transportation, such as bike lanes, commuter buses, and expanding bus/light rail lines, will be imperative for Texas mobility and economic development.