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JLL consolidated two locations into its 30k SF office in 1400 Post Oak about a year ago, and JLL Houston prez Dan Bellow couldnt be happier. Besides getting everyone under one roof, the Class-A building has the convenience he craves; he says he only has time to sell each day, so he wanted an office that minimized time walking to the car, transferring elevators, and commuting. And it doesnt hurt that the firm got its name on the building, the image it wanted, and LEED Gold interiors.


We snapped JLLs Laura Hufford and Lauren Sears showing off the bullpens; each seats four people and has a conference desk in the middle. Lauren says the open, glass-intensive layout means everyone has a window view and natural light. (If it looks a little dark in this picture, it's only because it was pouring outside.) It was important to JLL to combine private space with collaborative space--Dan loves the DIRTT wall system for this reason.


And theres nothing more open than JLLs 12th-floor balcony, which wraps around the entire building. Dan tells us they use it about once a month, hosting occasional Friday gatherings with beer and cigars. Its particularly great for celebrations, like the one aboveJLL celebrated brokering the sale of Williams Tower with a vintage French wine toast. (Wasnt it nice of Williams Tower to show up?)

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