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It's Time to Build in Magnolia


The Woodlands is running out of available land, and traffic is becoming a problem, but demand is stronger than ever. To stay ahead, HALBERDIER Real Estate managing principal Trey Halberdier (here with his family on Thanksgiving) is amassing land in Magnolia for residential, office, industrial and retail development. He sees two big drivers there—Tiger Woods’ Bluejack Golf Course under construction, and the upcoming Aggie Expressway opening up a new corridor. The quality of life is higher in Magnolia than other areas around The Woodlands’ perimeter, Trey says (especially south, where so much activity is following Exxon).


HALBERDIER has four tracts totaling over 300 acres closed or under contract along 1488 in Magnolia. That includes 16 acres at the lighted intersection of 1488 and the 149 Spur, seven acres at 1486, 240 acres east of 1774 (the Aggie Expressway will go through his property, which will be a residential play), and 46 acres closer to The Woodlands for an industrial/office project. He says Magnolia is particularly attractive now for residential development; many people moved up to The Woodlands for its more country, suburban feel, and now they’re moving out farther to Magnolia to get that back.