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$16.5M Lawsuit!

$16.5M Lawsuit!


A jury awarded $16.5M to Doug Britton and SSC Opportunity Partners in a lawsuit against Charter Title, Marvin Zindler Jr, Bandier Realty, Trey Halberdier, Rob Banzhaf, Rocky Del Papa III, and Kenneth Vaught Jr. Doug hired Bandier in 2010 to broker the $5M purchase of a 101-acre tract at Spring Stuebner and I-45, but alleges the defendants fended off potential investors, cut him out, and wrongfully purchased it themselves. Bandier is now marketing the site for $28M. Bandier's lawyer tells us it will appeal a guilty determination by the judge. The defendants say Bandier and SSC were always acting as partners to acquire and develop the property but that SSC did not have the means to close the deal. (You never get this kind of case on Matlock.)