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Hospitality on the Horizon

What's New and What's Next for Seattle Hotels

Event Ended On: Friday March 25 2016

Registration Questions? **Please note we have pricing tiers based on ticket availability. Ticket prices will increase once we sell out of the current pricing tier. We cannot redeem a lower price once the ticket prices have been raised. **Bisnow is a cashless, checkless operation. Please only submit payment via credit card.

Events Speakers and Panels

Hear from the Thought Leaders & Developers

What's New and What's Next in Development

What Does the Consumer Want?

Values in Designing, Managing, and Investing and


Time Activity
7:30 AM
8:30 AM
Breakfast / Networking
8:30 AM
9:15 AM
Panel 1: What Do Consumers Want?
9:15 AM
10:10 AM
Panel 2: Hear from the Thought Leaders & Developers
10:10 AM
10:30 AM
Post-Game Networking


Grand Hyatt Seattle
721 Pine Street
Seattle, WA 98101

Ballroom: Leonesa Ballroom

Grand Hyatt Parking Rates: (Inclusive of Tax)
0-1 Hours = $13
1-2 Hours = $15
2-3 Hours = $18
3-4 Hours = $22
4-5 Hours = $28
5-6 Hours = $32
6-24 Hours = $37 + tax ($45.14)

Self-Parking Rates
0-2 Hours = $8
2-3 Hours = $9
3-4 Hours = $11
4-5 Hours = $13
5-6 Hours = $14

Self-Parking Discount Rates
(7th and Pike Garage; 1508 7th Ave)
Early Bird (Monday-Friday; 5:00am-10:00am; Valid up to 12 Hours) = $14
Evening/Weekend (Monday-Friday 3:00pm-12:00am; Weekends) = $8
Overnight (10-24 Hours of Overnight Parking) = $30

Don't worry about searching for parking -- use Luxe valet!
    • Click on this link, download the app, create your account and request your valet BEFORE you start your engine. You'll notice your destination is already set at the Hyatt

  • Drive to the Hyatt, and a blue jacketed Luxe valet will be waiting to take your car and park it in a secure location

  • Schedule a time for your return and we’ll have you car waiting for you as specified or request a return on-demand (please allow 25 mins for return)

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Come join Bisnow and the top players in the Seattle Hospitality industry as we discuss new and recent developments, trends, demand, and how the city is evolving. SO much is happening in Seattle right now, which means there's a ton to cover! Come add to the conversation and hear about what's in store for 2016 and beyond.

Join us before and after the event for food, coffee and great company. Grab your ticket early before prices increase! Looking forward to seeing you there!