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Los Angeles ESG & Sustainability Commercial Real Estate Conference

The Path To Net-Zero & A Greener Future

Event Ended On: Wednesday March 20 2024

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Speakers and Panels

ESG Integration & the Effect on Businesses

Navigating Updates in CA Legislation, Environmental Regulations, Guidelines, Policies & Compliance With Local Law

Ben Stapleton

Ben Stapleton

Executive Director, U.S. Green Building Council, Los Angeles
Devin Saylor

Devin Saylor

Principal, EcoAdvisorsRE
Elizabeth Levin

Elizabeth Levin

Partner, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips

The Roadmap to Decarbonization & Achieving Net-Zero

ESG Reporting, Measuring Data & Benchmarking To Enhance Progress & Hit Carbon Goals

Melissa Gutierrez-Sullivan

Melissa Gutierrez-Sullivan

VP, Head of ESG, CIM Group

Opening Remarks

Preston Raebel

Preston Raebel

Regional Executive, Valet Living

Why You Shouldn't Miss This Environment, Social, Governance & Resiliency Focused CRE Conference

What You’ll Learn at this Commercial Real Estate Summit:

  • How are CRE leaders working to decarbonize portfolios and prioritize energy efficiency? 
  • What sustainable practices should we be implementing in the development, construction and design processes?
  • What are the key drivers for implementing ESG and sustainability goals and initiatives into projects?
  • Which building materials and design elements are allowing the city's leading developers to attract high-end tenants? 
  • How are you identifying and managing climate change risks and opportunities? 
  • How are industry leaders prioritizing a long-term carbon net-zero approach and working to increase asset value in LA?
  • What energy efficient and conservation policies are being implemented to help reach the goal of net zero?
  • How are Los Angeles developers and building owners exploring ways to become more socially and environmentally conscious with their multifamily, mixed-use, life sciences, healthcare industrial, office, hospitality and retail developments? 
  • How has the evolution of sustainability and ESG in CRE impacted approaches to project delivery while providing resiliency?
  • How are LA’s leading investors prioritizing and underwriting sustainability into their portfolio? 
  • What opportunities does impact investing present? What future sustainable funds exist? 
  • How are leaders in the ESG space engaging with the community to help improve the sustainability of our region? 
  • What are the most efficient and budget-friendly ways to track ESG progress and benchmarks? 
  • How can companies publicly ensure transparency and accountability with their ESG standards?


How You’ll Do More Business: Today, what you stand for as a company matters and creates a ripple effect in every aspect of your organization – in attracting talent and investors, as well as tenants. Join us and enhance your business by understanding the ins and outs of sustainability and ESG in commercial real estate. Enhance your business by understanding how prioritizing ESG and sustainability across development, design, investment and asset management verticals can change the city of Los Angeles, but also positively impact your bottom line. Hear from leading ESG experts, developers, investors and designers on financing ESG Deals, the next wave of building innovation and achieving net zero carbon. Learn from industry leaders how to effectively implement goals and requirements into your business and projects, how to set benchmarks and how to collaboratively work with service providers to reach these goals. Gain insight on one of the most important, impactful and accelerating trends in commercial real estate. 


Los Angeles Zero Carbon Buildings Goal: 100% zero carbon new buildings by 2030 and all buildings by 2050!

Buildings are our largest source of climate pollution and play a big part in changing carbon neutrality goals... to achieve a goal of making buildings net-zero carbon by 2050 and dramatically reducing energy use, we need to focus on energy conservation and electrification. To achieve these goals, we need to discuss what industry leaders are actually doing, where they are at and how they are working to accomplish it.


ESG Initiatives / Reports + Projects: 

CIM Group - ESG Programs, Report, Commitment, Initiatives & Timeline 

The Swig Company - 2022 ESG Report /// SoCal Portfolio /// Sustainability feature /// Deals feature /// Acquisitions

American Realty Advisors - DEI Program /// ESG+R Report /// Market Insights

USGBC-LA - Decarbonizing Construction white paper /// Commercial Water Reuse & Energy Cost of Water + accompanying panel white paper /// Integrate an ESG Strategy from a Director’s Perspective webinar /// Electrified Construction Equipment best practices guide /// Net Zero Accelerator Pilot Flight Manual guide

Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP - New Regs Will Strengthen Voluntary Carbon Offset Market /// Why All Cos. Should Take Note Of Calif. GHG Disclosure Laws /// Episode 26: Climate Regulations: Risks and Opportunities for Companies 

SageGlass - Dynamic Glass Future-Proofs Envelope Design and Climate Resilience /// Double Act 


Articles to Read Before Attending: 

How CRE Is Coming Around to ESG “While 76% say ESG is either “somewhat” or “very” important to their companies, there’s still progress to be made in all the letters, not just the E and G.” 


Who You'll Network With at this Event: Owners, developers, investors, architects, construction, designers, brokers, leasing agents, lawyers, financial institutions, government officials and more.


Why You Should Attend: Bisnow events bring together the biggest power players in the industry to identify opportunities, build your network and expand your business. With the largest audience of commercial real estate professionals in the world, no one knows how to help your business more than us.


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Hilton Los Angeles Culver City
6161 West Centinela Ave
Culver City, CA 90230

Ballroom: 3rd floor - Pacifica ballroom / foyer/ patio 

Parking Information:

The Hotel offers a special Event Day Valet Parking Rate of $25.00.

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Time Activity
8:00 AM
9:00 AM
Networking, Coffee & Breakfast
9:00 AM
9:45 AM
ESG Integration & the Effect on Businesses
Navigating Updates in CA Legislation, Environmental Regulations, Guidelines, Policies & Compliance With Local Law
9:45 AM
10:15 AM
Networking Break
10:15 AM
11:00 AM
The Roadmap to Decarbonization & Achieving Net-Zero
ESG Reporting, Measuring Data & Benchmarking To Enhance Progress & Hit Carbon Goals
11:00 AM
12:00 PM
More Networking!


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