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Data Center Mid-Atlantic Submarkets Surge

Wed Jun 23, 2021

Coundown Until digital summit

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Data Center Mid-Atlantic Submarkets Surge

How to Make the Best Investment in Today's Hottest Asset Class

Wednesday June 23 2021 | 9:00 AM EDT


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Digital Summit Speakers and Panels

Why This Matters

What You'll Learn: 

  • Data Center 101: what you need to know before entering this niche asset class 
  • Site selection: where in the greater Washington region is best to make a data center investment 
  • Construction and design trends: how developers and GCs are innovating within the space 
  • Investment - who's financing these projects, and where is the capital flowing from?


How You'll Do More Business: Outside of industrial, data centers are the hottest asset class to invest in due to the need for connectivity and fast, accessible data. Learn how to delve into this niche asset class and how to make more from your investment. 


Who You'll Hear From: Top owners and operators invested in the data center space within the Mid-Atlantic.


What You Get: Access to all live content, panel replays on-demand, and live networking that is dynamic and actually useful. Networking tools include direct messaging, lobby chat and speed networking which have led to over 5,000 matches this year.


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